50 Facts That Help Order Safely From Canadian Pharmacy

Everyone wants to save on medications, but no one wants to be fooled. Buying from Canadian Online Pharmacies is a temptation when looking at the prices, but many Americans have been nibbling at this idea out of fear of online scams and fake drugs. The FDA, with many resources echoing it, has been warning the U.S. citizens about the dangers of purchasing medication online from illegitimate drug stores, but Americans still lack the proper guidance on how to buy medications online safely. Here we address the major concerns about buying from Canadian Pharmacies.

1. Is Purchasing Drugs in Canadian Online Pharmacies Safe?

To buy drugs in certified Canadian pharmacies that deliver worldwide is safe, as they are accredited by the regulatory authorities and comply with the laws and regulations of the government of Canada related to the pharmaceutical industry. Certified pharmacies sell only the drugs approved by Health Canada, the authority responsible for health care in Canada.

2. What Kind of Documents Can Prove the Legitimacy of a Canadian Pharmacy?

Every pharmacy operating in Canada must have a license obtained in the state where it is located. A pharmacy should present the license on its website. In case of doubt, you may check the license information with the organization granted it. The license can be granted by one of the regulatory authorities, such as colleges of pharmacy, health departments, and licensing offices. The list of the regulatory authorities can be found on the website of the National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities (NAPRA).

3. Accreditation of Canadian Pharmacies

How to open a pharmacy in Canada is defined by the Drug and Pharmacies Regulation Act and its regulations. The pharmacy in Canada must be operated by a licensed pharmacist or a pharmaceutical company where the majority of executives are pharmacists.

NAPRA helps regulate the practice and operation of Canadian pharmacies.

4. How Canada Approves Medications

In Canada, Health Canada is responsible for the drug approval process based on the Food and Drugs Act and its regulations. All the drugs marketed in Canada should go through the drug review process, a procedure similar to drug approval by FDA in the USA. A manufacturer must provide all the documents to confirm safety, efficacy, and quality of drugs.

All the approved drugs are listed in online Drug Product Database.

5. What Is the Position of the Canadian Pharmaceutical Industry in the Global Market?

As of 2018, Canada is a 9th world country by the pharmaceutical market volume and 14th by the export of drugs, with a 73% share of the US in this export. Americans choose export of medication from Canada as Canadian regulatory procedures in the pharmaceutical industry are the closest to those in the USA, and the drugs approved in Canada highly likely to be approved in the US.шпдн highly

6. How to Recognize a Rogue Canadian E-Pharmacy

Fake online pharmacies often call themselves Canadian Pharmacies to establish credibility as the Canadian healthcare system and Canadian procedures of drug approval are believed to be trustworthy. Here are some signs of an illicit pharmacy:

License information is not provided.

No address and phone number on the pharmacy website.

It is not possible to talk with a licensed pharmacist.

The pharmacy sells prescription drugs without a prescription.

The website is not protected and of low quality.

We do not recommend you to rely much on so-called “pharmacy checkers” and “pharmacy verifiers”. Those websites also need to be verified, and even if the resource is trusted, it normally claims that only pharmacies registered with them are legitimate and reliable.

7. A Canadian Pharmacy Does Not Have CIPA Membership, Is It Illicit?

CIPA (Canadian International Pharmacy Association) is an association of Canadian retailer of pharmaceutical products created to ensure safe purchasing from Canadian pharmacies. Not being a member of this association does not make a pharmacy illicit as far as it is accredited under Canadian laws.

8. Do I Need a Prescription When Buying from Canadian Pharmacies Online?

Yes, you need a doctor’s prescription if you buy prescription drugs. Avoid those online drug stores that do not ask for the prescription. Canadian regulations require the prescription to be provided, and legitimate pharmacies always ask you to provide at least a scanned copy. OTC medications can be purchased without any prescription.

9. Can I Buy from Canadian Online Pharmacies with a US prescription?

Yes, you can. Canadian pharmacies accept prescriptions issued in the U.S.

10. How Can I Purchase Rx Drugs from an Online Pharmacy Located in Canada

Visit a pharmacy website to clarify how you can order Rx Drugs in Canada. There should be clear instructions on how to submit your prescription and which data you have to provide for successful order placement. Most of the websites have convenient order forms that will guide you through the entire process up to check out and payment.

If you are still uncertain, give a call to the pharmacy of your choice.

11. I Have Got a Handwritten Prescription, How Can I Get It Filled at a Canadian Online Pharmacy?

Check the prescription section on a pharmacy website and follow the instructions. Normally, you should email or fax a copy of your prescription to the pharmacy. The original must be mailed to its street address.

12. An Online Pharmacy in Canada Does Not Require Any Prescription. Does It Mean It Sells Counterfeit Drugs?

It is not necessarily that it sells fake drugs, but there is a good chance you can get low-quality medications or even placebo.

On the other hand, the pharmacy can deliver proper generic analogs but not approved neither by the FDA nor by Canada Health.

We do not recommend you to play this guessing game. Avoid no-prescription pharmacies.

13. Is It Possible to Buy Controlled Substances from Canadian Pharmacy online?

To sell controlled substances, a pharmacy in Canada must obtain a Controlled Drugs and Substances Dealer’s License. This license is a site-specific, which means that a corporation has to apply for a separate license for every physical store. The pharmacy also has to meet security and storage criteria. Online pharmacies are not granted such license.

14. Are There Any Quantity Limitations on Buying Prescription Drugs from Canadian Pharmacies?

Your order quantity should comply with the quantity in a prescription but not exceed a 90-day supply.

15. Can I Refill My Prescription with a Canadian Online Pharmacy?

You can refill a once submitted prescription, provided it is not expired, until you take all the prescribed quantity out. After that, you have to submit a new prescription. If your doctor gave a 1-year prescription to you, you cannot take more than a 90-day supply at once. Some online pharmacies allow you to place an order for the whole quantity and, then, they ship every 3 months automatically.

16. Can the Drugs I Bought from a Canadian Pharmacy Be Shipped from Another Country?

Canadian Pharmacies can ship from accredited fulfillment centers abroad. The fulfillment centers have to be accredited by the regulatory bodies of the countries where they are located and meet all the regulatory requirements of those countries.

17. Can a Canadian Online Pharmacy Work 24-hours?

Every Canadian online pharmacy has its working hours and procedures of order processing. A website works 24/7, and the Customer Support Service can be also available 24/7, but people who process and ship your order may work differently. Please check the related information on a pharmacy website.

18. Can I Talk to a Pharmacist When Ordering Online in Canadian Pharmacy?

A legitimate Canadian online pharmacy must have a licensed pharmacist certified in Canada to answer customer questions by phone. Give a call to the pharmacy, but do not be surprised if the pharmacist is not available at night. Working hours may be different in different online pharmacies.

19. How Do Canadian Online Pharmacies Control the Drug Quality?

The pharmacies and pharmaceutical corporations may have different Quality Assurance Procedures, but all of them should comply with the Food and Drugs Act and its regulations. Canadian Pharmacies cannot sell the medications that were not previously approved by Health Canada. The quality of drugs is checked at the stage of approval, which includes a document check and chemical analyses of each drug. Big pharmaceutical corporations have centralized Incoming Quality Control, while small private businesses trust the quality procedures of retailers they buy medications from.

Additionally, Canadian e-pharmacies have Outgoing Quality Control. Only a licensed pharmacist is eligible to prepare your order for delivery, which includes fulfillment centers abroad.

20. What Kind of Drugs Can I Buy from Online Canadian Pharmacy?

You can buy any kind of prescription and OTC drugs in Canadian pharmacies, except controlled substances that are subject to special regulations.

21. Are Canadian Prescription Drugs Any Different from those in the U.S.?

Canadian doctors prescribe the same drugs, including brand ones, but often they suggest generic analogs for cost-saving. Legitimate pharmacies never sell generic medications instead of branded: they always offer an honest choice for you, and you can consider which version is better for you. Generic medication will contain the same active ingredient in the same quantity and with the same therapeutic effect, but the color and shape of tablets may be different, as well as packaging.

22. Is Buying Generic Prescription Drugs from Canada Dangerous?

Quality generic drugs are not dangerous, but buying generic drugs from malevolent Canadian-like pharmacies can be dangerous and insecure. You can get counterfeit medications that either do not match quality standards, or contain less active ingredients, or include some poisonous substances, and so on.

Only buying generic drugs from legitimate Canadian pharmacies can protect you from exposing yourself to the risk.

23. What Kinds of OTC Medications Can I Buy from Online Drug Store in Canada?

OTC (over-the-counter) drugs are drugs that do not require any prescription. They include pain killers, anti-flu drug, medications for allergies and sinusitis, and some kinds of sleeping pills. You can buy them without limitations. For the list of OTC drugs check pharmacy websites or browse them by categories.

24. Top-Selling OTC Medications in Canada

As of 2018, the best selling over-the-counter drugs in Canada are:

Ibuprofen, a painkiller;

Nexium, heartburn aid;

Cetirizine, an allergy drug;

Advil, a pain reliever;

Nicorette, nicotine gum.

25. Best-Selling Drugs Purchased from Canadian Online Pharmacies

People tends to buy online from Canadian Pharmacies drugs for erectile dysfunction, asthma medications, antibiotics, stomach aids, contraceptives, and sleep pills. Among the top selling prescription medications in 2018 we can name: Plavix, Cipro, Ventolin, Viagra, Prevacid, Cialis, Levlen, Zolpidem, and Clomid.

26. I Have Found All the Drugs I Need on the Canadian Pharmacy Website I Like, but One Drug Is Lacking. What Can I Do About That?

If you want to have all the drugs ordered from the same Canadian e-pharmacy but cannot find one drug, you can send a request or give a call to the pharmacy. Maybe, they can find the drug you need or suggest an equivalent, and so, you do not need to split your order between two pharmacies.

27. How much Can I Save When Purchasing from Canadian Online Pharmacies?

When you place your order in a Canadian pharmacy, you can expect price reduction from 30% to 80% for exactly the same medications, including brand ones.

28. What Are The Benefits of Ordering Online in Canadian Pharmacies?

Online drug shopping has some advantages comparing to buying at local pharmacies:

Lower prices: you can save up to 80%.

24/7 service: you may shop whenever you want from your home.

Anonymity: Nobody knows what you buy.

Convenience: Your order will be delivered at your door.

29. Are Medication Prices in Canada Lower Compared to the U.S?

Overall drug prices in Canada in 20–30% lower than in the USA, but for some products, the difference can reach 80–90%.

30. Why Medications Are Overpriced in the U.S Compared to Canada

The U.S. has a private healthcare system with multiple healthcare providers contracting independently, whilst in Canada, health care is government-supported, and price negotiation is centralized. These differences allow Big Pharma Corporations to overvalue list prices in the US, where they are going to negotiate with many health providers, and reduce them in Canada to be competitive. All these tendencies result in a great difference in medication prices between the USA and Canada, and the same medication produced in the USA and imported to Canada sometimes can cost 3 times less for Canadians.

31. How to Compare Medication Prices in the US and Canada?

There are no services that offer such a comparison in one click.

PharmacyChecker.com and Edrugsearch.com have published the price comparisons for the selected popular items on their websites, but they are not dynamically updated and can be a bit outdated.

Browse individual drug store websites and compare the prices on your own. Some online pharmacies may indicate your percent of saving, but you should check if the prices are still valid and relevant.

32. Are the prices in Canadian Pharmacies in U.S. Dollars?

It depends on a pharmacy. Most of the international Canadian pharmacies use U.S. Dollars or, alternatively, suggest a choice of currencies to choose. There is also a possibility that currency is set automatically based on your I.P. address.

33. Do Canadian Pharmacies include VAT in their prices?

Canadian pharmacies do not add VAT when export prescription drugs to the U.S. and other countries. Prices on their websites are tax-free.

34. Should I Pay US Import Taxes for the Drugs Imported from Canada?

If your parcel does not contain prohibited items and its cost does not exceed $2000, it is not subject to any taxes, but it requires import paperwork. If the cost is under $800, no paperwork is required.

35. Will I Receive Spam Emails from Canadian Pharmacy I Placed an Order with?

Credible services never send unwanted emails unless you have chosen to receive them. Be careful when submitting your order: sometimes, a box with the request to send promo emails can be check-marked by default. Make sure you have removed the mark.

Alternatively, you always can unsubscribe from all the emails except order confirmations and other notifications.

36. E-Pharmacy Sends Me Spam emails without the possibility to unsubscribe, is it a fraud pharmacy?

It may be a fraud pharmacy, but it also can be an unskillful service. Pharmacies are professional in drug selling but not in website making. You can block unwanted emails in your email agent or write to their support service a request to cancel your subscription.

Mostly, spam emails are not a good sign, and you should not open them if you are not sure about the source.

37. Is It Secure to Pay Through Canadian Online Pharmacy Websites?

Before initiating a payment, check the following:

If the website is protected

If the pharmacy offers a secure payment service

If the pharmacy has a clear return policy

All legal and safe pharmacies use encryption technologies to ensure your payment and data transmission are secure.

We recommend you to cancel your payment when you feel something is wrong or information is insufficient.

38. How to Check Canadian Online Pharmacy Rating?

There is no ultimate tool to check ratings of pharmacies online. The services like PriceGrabber.com, PharmacyChecker.com, and Edrugsearch.com indicate ratings, but they have a limited number of pharmacies present.

39. Where to Read Trusted Reviews of Canadian Online Pharmacies?

We can recommend to you the websites already mentioned above: PriceGrabber.com, PharmacyChecker.com, and Edrugsearch.com. But the limitations are the same — not many pharmacies are reviewed.

40. How Can I Check if I Order Quality Medications but Not Counterfeit?

You can rely only on the pharmacy you place your order with. All certified pharmacies in Canada sell еthe medications approved by Health Canada. Health Canada approval practices correspond with those of the FDA in the USA. Generic analogs approved in Canada are identical to the brand medications and may differ only in appearance. Avoid websites that sell bulk. The medications should be properly packed and marked.

41. Can I Purchase Pet Medicines online from a Canadian Pharmacy?

Yes, you can. Most of the online pharmacies include pet health medicines in their range. Browse the Internet for more choices.

42. Can I Buy ED-drugs from Canadian e-Pharmacies?

Yes, you can. Online pharmacies in Canada offer a wide choice of medication for erectile dysfunction, including brand versions and generic ones.

43. The Popular ED-drugs Purchased in Canada online

The range of the most popular ED-medications to shop on Canadian pharmacy websites includes Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Super P-Force (sildenafil with dapoxetine), and Kamagra (sildenafil produced in India).

44. Do Canadian E-Pharmacies Sell Drugs Produced in India?

They do, but only those approved by Health Canada. India is 10th world country by value of drug export, and it is quite impressive as Indian drug prices are dramatically lower than the prices in Northern America, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and the EU. Indian generic medications from the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers are approved in many Western countries, including the USA and Canada, as a cheaper alternative to expensive brand medicines.

45. Why Do Canadian Online Pharmacies Often Associated with Viagra?

Pfizer’s Viagra patent is not valid in Canada, and therefore Canadian Viagra is cheap. Besides brand Viagra, Health Canada has 40 approved entities for Sildenafil Citrate, which is a generic name for Viagra, in its Drug Product Database.

Another reason why people prefer to order Viagra online in Canada is that it is a medication for a delicate men’s problem, and men often feel uncomfortable with buying it in local pharmacies. They prefer to do this online anonymously. One of the most common concerns of the men who buy Viagra in online drug stores is how it will be packed and labeled. Nobody wants it to come with a label indicating the content of the parcel.

And the last one, Viagra is one of the world’s top-selling medicines and one of the most frequently searched drugs on Google, so it is not surprising that it is one of the best selling drugs in Canadian online drug stores.

46. What Is the Difference between Brand Viagra and Generic Viagra?

Generic Viagra differs from the original brand Viagra only by name, shape, and packaging. Generic drugs cannot bear brand names and normally are marketed under their chemical names. Generic analogs of Viagra are sold under the name Sildenafil citrate and contain the same amount of the active ingredient. It is proved to have the same efficacy, but significantly lower priced.

47. What Are the Benefits of Buying Viagra from Canadian Online Pharmacy?

You can save from 30% to 90%.

You keep your privacy.

You have it delivered to your home.

You have many websites to choose the best conditions.

48. Can I Buy Insulin Online in Canada?

Yes, you can, but not many Canadian online pharmacies sell it online. The insulin price crisis in the USA made many Americans come to Canada to buy this lifesaving drug, which resulted in serious concerns that Canadians themselves might soon be short of insulin. So, it can take time to find a reputable Canadian pharmacy to purchase insulin at an affordable price. Avoid suspicious websites promising great deals for insulin as it can cost you life.

49. Are Asthma Medications available via Canadian Pharmacies?

Asthma inhalers are among the most popular drugs to buy in Canada online. Ventolin, Advair, Rhinocort, and others are available in most of Canadian e-pharmacies, so you can get a good price.

50. How to Compare Drug Prices at Canadian Online Drug Stores?

You can try PharmacyChecker.com and Edrugsearch.com, but the only problem with these websites that they include only the prices of those Canadian online pharmacies that register with them. So, you can miss some other offers.


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